Slow Burn February 2022 Newsletter

Contributors: Mandi Hayes (Editor & Content Manager), Darius SImmons (Senior PCA & Certified Dispensary Technician) Cover Photo: Nick Grant Also Photographed: Deja Brown, Eric Dorsey, Amber Nealis, Darius Simmons, “Regular” …

Happy 3rd Cannaversary!

Chesapeake Apothecary is celebrating three years of providing top shelf expertise, experiences, product, and service in the state of Maryland. Since day one, we have striven to provide nothing short of superior for patients in need of reprieve from whatever medical symptoms they are experiencing. Our goal is to provide relief and also to give patients a place where they can safely consult Patient Care Advisors about their medical cannabis needs. Our trained staff has an extensive knowledge of our cannabis catalogue and can provide appropriate recommendations for patients as well as dosing and regimen. Our plan is to meet patients wherever they may be on their health journey. With three years behind us we have seen thousands of patients begin using cannabis medically, made adjustments to our operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have developed industry relationships to continue to provide you, our patients, with the best quality medicine available.