Chesapeake Apothecary is the premier medical cannabis dispensary in Southern Maryland, serving White Plains, Waldorf, La Plata, Clinton, Temple Hills and Oxen Hill, Brandywine, Bennsville, Malcolm, Bryantown, Willbrook, Fort Washington, Hughesville, Indian Head and Potomac Heights.

Medical cannabis is more than business for Chesapeake Apothecary Founder and Chairman Seth Erlin — it’s intensely personal. His advocacy for legalization of medical cannabis was inspired and informed by the diagnosis and suffering of his Aunt, Kimberly Harman.

Kimberly suffered from ALS. Conventional narcotics to ease her suffering left her barely able to function. Seeking relief for his aunt, Seth accompanied her during several family visits to Colorado for medical cannabis, where Mrs. Harmon experienced substantial pain relief, comfort and increased functionality.

After Maryland passed legislation legalizing medical cannabis, Seth left his successful career in culinary arts and a life abroad to return to his hometown of La Plata, MD. There, he began building a team and formulating a plan to leverage his experience and enter the cannabis space, and Chesapeake Apothecary was born. Mr. Erlin was a Founding Member and officer in the Maryland Cannabis Industry Association.

Chesapeake is committed to the community, health, and societal benefits that this market opportunity will produce. Their grassroots support from the community and County have paved the way for this market opportunity. To further support the local community, Chesapeake is committed longer term to creating an assistance fund to empower the underserved with the resources and product needed to treat their ailments. Access to resources and providing assistance to the underserved is a cornerstone of the Chesapeake way.